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About Lindsay

I began writing as a wee one trying to copy Mom’s handwriting. My handwriting, alas, remained illegible. So in 8th grade, I taught myself to type on my Dad’s old Royal typewriter (which wasn’t old at the time).

At college, I did not major in English or in writing—I got my BA in History with a concentration on the writing of history. I’m still a big history buff; love to read biographies and especially military history, Civil War, and European history. But there wasn’t anything in the Want Ads under “History” when I graduated college.

I embarked on my first career in marketing administration and meeting planning, where I prepared marketing collateral for clients such as Levi Strauss & Co., Touche Ross, Contemporary Forums, UniSoft, Stroman Associates, Funeral & Memorial Planning Society, and the Society of Pediatric Nurses.

In 1996 I switched careers to technical writing, and have prepared print manuals and online help for PeopleSoft, Extensity, Kaiser Permanente, QuadraMed Corporation and Persistence Software.

In 2007 I went solo as Blue Ribbon Writing. It’s exactly what I enjoy doing, and what I do well: Playing with the fascinating and intricate jigsaw puzzle of the English language. One thing’s for sure—I'm not using a Royal anymore.

The Adjective

An adjective is a descriptive word (or "modifier") that gives more information about the nouns in a sentence. In The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, the adjectives quick and brown describe the fox; lazy describes the dog.