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About Lindsay

I began writing as a wee one trying to copy Mom’s handwriting. My handwriting, alas, remained illegible. So in 8th grade, I taught myself to type on my Dad’s old Royal typewriter (which wasn’t old at the time).

At college, I did not major in English or in writing—I got my BA in History with a concentration on the writing of history. I’m still a big history buff; love to read biographies and especially military history, Civil War, and European history. But there wasn’t anything in the Want Ads under “History” when I graduated college.

I embarked on my first career in marketing administration and meeting planning, where I prepared marketing collateral for clients such as Levi Strauss & Co., Touche Ross, Contemporary Forums, UniSoft, Stroman Associates, Funeral & Memorial Planning Society, and the Society of Pediatric Nurses.

In 1996 I switched careers to technical writing, and have prepared print manuals and online help for PeopleSoft, Extensity, Kaiser Permanente, QuadraMed Corporation and Persistence Software.

In 2007 I went solo as Blue Ribbon Writing. It’s exactly what I enjoy doing, and what I do well: Playing with the fascinating and intricate jigsaw puzzle of the English language. One thing’s for sure—I'm not using a Royal anymore.

Why Hire a Writer? avoid Pitfall #3:

Many people, however committed to doing the writing, find the demands of their real job keep them from finding time to work on the writing project.

The writing project is delayed.